Saturday, January 22, 2011

More January updates!

I took advantage of the January break by working some long hours on the fresco. To this point, the tall figure is the result of three 21-23 hour days of painting, plus a fourth 20 hour day that was scraped off (painfully so). The hallway lights were off at the time I took these photos; the mural is being lit from the sky light in the atrium. When the lights are on the wall is lit fairly evenly, without shadows.

This last image was a fun shot that I took standing next to the mural. I simply looked up and shot the photo. I love how the vantage point skews the proportions and it gives you a good sense of the scale of the figure (gigantic). If you look carefully (click image to get a larger view) you can see faint lines that come from the transfer. Essentially I draw the image to scale on a large piece of paper. I hold it up to the wet plaster and transfer the drawing by incising the drawn line with my fingernail, which leaves a linear dent on the smooth white plaster. The dent fills in a tad darker when passed over with paint.

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