I offer my sincerest gratitude to Western Kentucky University, President Gary Ransdell, Potter College Dean David Lee, and my colleagues in the Art Department for their continued support of my research in the buon fresco technique. Thank you WKU for providing me with such a magnificent venue for the mural. I have received the following support grants, by the Office of Sponsored Programs at WKU:

          Painted in Stone, the Art of Italian Fresco Painting, 2009 (New Faculty Grant)

         "Buon" True Fresco Technique, 2006 (Faculty Grant)

I would also like to thank the Kentucky Arts Council for their support in my professional and creative development. I have received the following professional support from the KAC:

           2010 Individual Artist, Al Smith Fellowship Award, awarded in 2009

Thank you to iLia Anossov from the Fresco School for his guidance throughout this project. His generous spirit and love of fresco helped to make this mural a reality. If you're looking for training in the buon fresco and near the LA area, I highly recommend that you contact him at the Fresco School in LA.

Finally, I would like to thank all of the student apprentices/assistants and colleagues who have helped in a varying roles along the way. I couldn't have done it without you all of you:

Depaul Dowel
Julie Schuck
Nick Jones
Teresa Christmas
Nathan Underwood
Pamela Tingle
David Marquez
David Jones
Charlotte Babb
Tiffany Jackson
Julie Washer
Joe Arasco

Last but not least, thanks to these helpful and patient Van Meter folks:


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